Dine within the comforts of a hotel restaurant or al fresco with the sea breeze. Andana offers only the best cuisine Guimaras has to offer. Fusing local dishes and family favorites with other Asian flavors to make each dish even better than the one before. You’ll find your staple Filipino go-to dishes and new Andana specialties and you’ll discover which ones you’re definitely coming back for.


Experience the best local cuisine, native delicacies, and family favorites that Guimaras has to offer. And with Estrellita named after the wife of Andana’s founder, you’re sure to get homegrown comfort in food and service.

Danilo’s Beach Bar

You’ll have the best dining view at Andana with Danilo’s Bar overlooking Panay Gulf. Named after the founder of the resort, this modern restaurant and bar with its open spaces and coastal interiors, you’re sure to enjoy the sunny atmosphere of the beach as you indulge in good hearty meals, bar chow, shakes, and cocktails.